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I'm so excited to introduce my new Exclusive Virtual Experience for Women!

I recognize that women are often challenged with healing past wounds and managing life challenges that hinder their relationships, career, and overall life. As a woman who's walked through past pain and a psychotherapist who has served over 24 years, I am passionate about helping women recycle their pain and use it to create power.

You are Not alone! The Journey is a powerfully engaging, change provoking, yet fun experience designed to support and empower women.

It provides a weekly interactive virtual experience with a Licensed Psychotherapist who provides growth opportunities through psychoeducation to all group members. Participants gather in a virtual safe space and embrace life challenges in a way that helps them grow.

If you're ready to process past pain that's been weighing you down or holding you back, this experience is for you! Join us on the Journey!

What People are Saying...

"Every woman’s journey is different. Ignoring the symptoms won’t wish them away. Take time to understand what’s happening to you. "

Carrie S.


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